Circular Panels (40cm Diameter)

Having applied x3 layers of both Golden GAC 100 and Gesso to x3 circular panels, I am intending to experiment with resin, alcohol inks, texture paste as the base media. I will probably add some additional media along the way to add some ‘bling’ and further interest to these pieces.

When preparing my artwork, I like to treat every stage of the process like it is the actual artwork  – I do not like excess paint where it should not be… I like clean sharp lines as I feel going the extra mile in the preparing stages pays dividends when it comes to actually creating the artwork on the main front surface. To me, the actual panel structure is part of the artwork itself.

I always want the finished artwork to look the best it can possibly look. I always use the best materials too, as I want to the artwork to stay as it was first intended many, many years into the future.

I like to gesso the sides of all my art panels – whether they are wrapped in linen or painting direct onto wood. Although I often like to complete the sides of each panel either in white paint or in a colour that compliments the main artwork, I feel the care and attention when preparing the panel sides really pay off when the piece is finished and EVERYTHING ends up looking amazing.

As an artist, I feel the preparation, extra care and attention can sometimes go unnoticed… but I am a perfectionist and I think that is sometimes a good thing as an artist, especially when aesthetically pleasing outcomes are required!

Published by Richard Baker Contemporary Art

Contemporary Abstract Artist creating Modern Art for your Interior Space. Bespoke Sizes and Commissions Welcome. I am a Professional Artist working from my studio near Wymondham in Norfolk. Art for Sale with International Shipping.

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