Circular Resin Art Panels

As part of the circular series, I decided I wanted to explore texture paste (my usual go to media), but this time I wanted to also add some extra detail, so I turned to some sand that I had in my garage. I simply applied the texture paste and sprinkled the sand on in various places – making some areas more denser than others. I then let this dry and brushed the excess sand away.

I then applied some acrylic paint and tried to merge a small amount of colours together to form a gradient. I wanted to do this as the colours would form the very base colour of my final piece.

I taped up the circumference to contain the resin, that I would be adding to the surface

(I do not like to be messy!)

A close up detail of the painted sand

I then decided I would start adding some clear resin and so I firstly taped up all the way around the circumference. I wanted to be able to contain the resin and only allow it to move around the front surface of the wooden panel. I definitely did not want the resin to flow anywhere near the sides of the panels as I like absolute perfection!

I then added some alcohol inks to the wet resin and I loved the process! I even got the hairdryer out to push the colours around the surface, merging as they went. I personally loved the white and the copper tones. Once nearly dry, I removed the masking tape and I then let it completely dry. It would have been a real struggle to remove the tape from the very hard resin had I not removed it before it had cured.

Although I will be adding a resin topcoat that will hide any texture still rising above the resin at present, I may also experiment with further media to build up further layers!

I will for each resin layer add a fresh piece of masking tape to contain the flow of clear resin. Here are some further detail from my experiments. I will post the final piece and subsequent other work in the series in a future post…watch this space!

This is my favourite detail from this piece so far!

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